Tuesday, May 7th 7am - 8pm

You have an opportunity to cast a vote for Jobs, Redevelopment, and Economic Activity in Royal Oak Township

Proposal 1 Ballot Language

A proposed initiative ordinance to amend Article 8 of the Royal Oak Township ordinances to allow marihuana related business in Royal Oak Township.  This proposal would authorize an unlimited number of marihuana related businesses to locate on parcels of property within Royal Oak township that are larger than five acres and that have been continuously unoccupied for at least five years. 
Should this proposal be adopted?


Our Mission

The Marihuana industry is growing at a rapid pace in Michigan. Marihuana is all around Royal Oak Township. It is approved in Ferndale, Hazel Park, Warren, and across 8 Mile in Detroit. Royal Oak Township has the ability to secure a footprint in this new industry by voting YES on the Initiative Ordinance. A yes vote will bring Royal Oak Township an Economic Engine for generations to come.

Benefits of Proposal 1

New Jobs
Residents of Royal Oak Township will have first priority for great wages and a job close to home.

Major Revenue Potential
Up to 25% increase to the much needed Township’s general fund.

Increased Property Value
Legal marihuana sales transform a area to attract new residents and retain current residents.

Strict State Oversight
All sites will be professional, state of the art, first class facilities the township can be proud of.


Good Ideas are Worth Spreading! 

The sign says: Crime Rates Down 19% After Community Weed Dispensary Opens. Look for the billboard near I-94 and I-75.

For more information on crime rates

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