What is Proposal R?

Our Mission:

to advance and change the perception of the legal marihuana industry

How it reads on the ballot:

An initiative ordinance to amend Chapter Eight, Environment and Health, to add Article VII-Recreational Marihuana Facilities, to allow all forms of recreational marihuana establishments within the Charter Township of Royal Oak.

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The Ordnance explained:

(a) Community benefits agreement (CBA) allows for responsible decisions

  • 1.The board directs the applicant into a CBA
  • 2. A legally binding agreement that establish additional revenue for the township
  • 3. Establishes new jobs for current residents

(b) New development, jobs, and revenue throughout the township

  • 1.Replace the current state of vacant, abandoned, and underutilized properties
  • 2.A tool to impact property value

(c) New revenue streams, can charge up to $5,000 for an administrative processing fee.​

(d) Our constitutional right to vote, you as the voter decide

  • Vote Yes!​

Make a difference today! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Get on board with what many cities and communities are already doing and take advantage of new revenue and opportunities. Don’t get stuck in the past.

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